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about the EXCHANGE

This will be the 11th year that we will be dancing together at the SLO Salsa Exchange. The cultivation of this exhilarating weekend getaway traces back to a group of enthusiastic salsa dancers from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (SLO). Inspired by their love for latin dance they wanted to create a weekend getaway for other dancers from various colleges across California. What started as a small gathering of a few colleges has now expanded to include dancers from all over, bringing alumni back from near and far.The entire focus of the SLO Salsa Exchange is a coming together to spend an entire weekend dancing and enjoying the company of dancers from all over!


Now, for over a decade we have been enjoying this retreat experience in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo where we dance, eat, and meet new dancers from all over! We hope you will join us this year as we love to meet new folks and continue sharing dances whether is be at the park, beach, public market, and most of all the social dance floor!

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